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Planning a holiday or business trip abroad can be fraught with concern, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city, country or area that you are travelling to. For holidays we all know that the agents’ brochures show only the bare essentials, and for business all you usually have is an address and a hotel. A brilliant and innovative service � TravelGuide.TV � promises to help in any instance where travel is imminent by providing video guides to a host of major cities across the globe, a resource far more informative than reading any brochure or book.

TravelGuide.TV gives the traveller the opportunity to view a video guide of their destination, and with such features as where to stay and what to do, where to eat an the best places to go shopping, TravelGuide.TV offers a new and informative way of getting to grips with the city you are visiting via a series of easy to use and well presented video guides.

With tips on all the above plus how to get around the chosen city, TravelGuide.TV is set to revolutionise the travel guide world.

Introduction and Tourist Attractions

An introductory video will give you a background to the history and geographical traits of the city, with added information on the unique character of each city and a guide to what you’re likely to see, hear and feel when you are there.

A Tourist Attractions video is available for each city, too, giving an idea of the most popular and important sights to see, advice on historical exhibitions in museums and art in galleries, giving the visitor the opportunity to develop an itinerary for even the shortest visit. There is even advice on how to find the best deals when looking for cultural experiences, with savings and offers that can be found in the city.

Eating, shopping, dancing and getting around

The Restaurant and Shopping video is a vital part of the planning for any trip, giving a comprehensive look at where to sample the best local food, or find international restaurants, and advice on markets and shopping malls, plus local specialities and essential purchases. The guide will advise you on what is to be bought at a saving in that city, and where, and also delves into the nightlife for a look at the best in bars and clubs, live music venues and theatres in the chosen destination.

TravelGuide.TV is particularly proud of the Transport video section, in which the discerning traveller can view the best way to travel around a given city and surrounding area � with public and private options highlighted where available � and the nuances that may manifest in unique local transport. Also, the guide to Hotels covers everything from the top of the range to the Bed and Breakfast, providing a solution for every pocket.

TravelGuide.TV covers all the major European cities � including Rome, London, Prague and Barcelona � plus the most popular destinations in North America � New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago � as well as many other world destinations � among them Sydney, Bangkok and Rio de Janeiro. Put simply, TravelGuide.TV is essential viewing for anyone planning to travel to a major world city.

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