Tel Aviv Attractive Centers

Tel Aviv, officially known as Tel Aviv-Yafo, is the second largest city in Israel after Jerusalem. It is also one of the major centers of activities, recreations, nightlife and commercial activities in the nation. Visitors are often attracted to the city of Tel Aviv because of its wonderful activities and resources. More so, it has lots of accommodations and restaurants which will make your visit in this city really memorable. Many of the Tel Aviv restaurants and hotels are located very close to the Tel Aviv airport and thus it is very easy for visitors and tourists to find shelter, resorts and refreshments on their arrival into this city.
As a visitor, you have lots to enjoy with regards to the activities in the Tel Aviv city. The Tel Aviv nightlife as well as Tel Aviv attractions is really strong attractive forces in this city. More so, it is very important for you to know the happening places in the wonderful city prior to your tour to this city. This will help you to save the time in trawling around for the places to visit.
Hot spots in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Israel has lots of hot spots and entertainment joints you need to visit. This is why the travel guide is very important in order to show you the right places to go. The following are important places to visit in the city:
-Rabin Square:
This is the square remarked for the murder of PM Rabin who was killed in 1995. It is very popular in Tel Aviv.
-Old Jaffa:
Jaffa is a very famous and historical place in Tel Aviv city. One of the reasons why it is famous is because it is the historical place where Jonah was swallowed by a fish. It also has a Flea market and many other important facilities which make it really popular in the city.
-Tel Aviv Port:
This is a real happening place in Tel Aviv with many bars and restaurants. It has huge nightlife and that is what especially makes it popular in the city.
-Azrieli Center Lookout:
This wonderful place will help you to get a panorama view of the entire city and that is really want makes it remarkable and an interesting place in the city.
-Jaffa’s Railway Station:
This place is marked by its importance in shopping different kinds of materials in Jaffa.
-Rothschild Boulevard:
This Tel Aviv street is filled with lots of happening restaurants, caf and it is also renowned for Bauhaus architecture.
-Dizengoff Center:
Tourists visit this famous center because of its attractive features and abundance of things to shop. You can call in on this place during Thursdays and Fridays to enjoy the amazing Tel Aviv cuisines.
This place is also very famous for its busy and energetic activities in Tel Aviv.
-Art Galleries in Tel Aviv:
Another wonderful features and must-visit places in Tel Aviv are the art galleries. Important art galleries in Tel Aviv including Bruno Gallery, Jojo Gallery, Eden Gallery and many more have wonderful features and are iconic for the great artworks available in them.

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