Student Coach Travel For Cheap And Convenient Holidays

Being a student in the UK can be more difficult than people realise. After all, with mounting student debt, all those essays and exams, and the issue of finding a graduate job afterwards, your life can get somewhat emotionally and financially stressful. However, one of the main luxuries afforded to students – a luxury that is rarely available again in life until retirement – is the benefit of long holidays. If you’re a student, it’s important to take advantage of your holidays and take the opportunity to travel while you can.

It’s all too easy to spend those long summer holidays at home, working during the day and catching up with old friends and family at night. However, if you spend the first half of your holiday working solidly and saving up your hard-earned cash, the best reward possible will be to spend the second half of your vacation travelling abroad – and the number of opportunities available to you are endless. For instance, you could take a six week backpacking holiday in India, China or South East Asia to discover some of the world’s most exotic and historic locations.

Alternatively, take some time out to travel around the United States. While taking a holiday in the USA is guaranteed to strain your finances more than a holiday in a developing country might, there are various ways you can save money. For example, if you choose to travel by coach during your American summer vacation, you could save a lot of money and limit your carbon footprints by not taking a flight. A coach journey from New York to Chicago might seem like a long and daunting prospect, but you’ll also be able to see much more of the country than you’d otherwise be able to.

Even if you feel you can’t afford to take such long haul trips, rest assured you’ll still be able to travel. Flights and trains to Europe can be expensive, if you don’t book early enough, but many coach providers provide services to the continent for much cheaper fares. This way, you’ll be able to get to Paris, Berlin or any other top destination in Europe conveniently and easily, while giving yourself the luxury of being able to survey the European countryside while you travel.

Or why not take the coach to one of many top destinations in the UK for a weekend trip that won’t break the bank. For instance, if you’re at university in Leeds and you’re planning to visit a friend in Cornwall, you’ll be able to take the coach to the sunny south-east with no problem at all. Or, opt for overnight coach travel from London to Edinburgh on a Friday night; you’ll arrive in Scotland’s stunning capital bright and early on Saturday morning, ready for a top-class weekend before having to return to your classes on Monday morning. Moreover, many UK coach travel providers offer student or young person’s discounts.

So, wherever you’re planning to travel to, rest assured that coach travel is likely to be your cheapest option. Just don’t forget to put those long holidays to good use while they last!

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